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1700x OC problems with Steam only.

Hello everyone, first post in probably 5 or 6 years. Life happens, you know?

So yes I've probably missed some things on the forum about this being blowing up about this for obvious reasons.

So Ryzen can't "support" 3000mhz RAM.

So I overclocked it using this video:

Which is a great explanation of everything on you're motherboard.

SO after doing all the neat things he says, I get to the advertised 3000mhz (2993 I think) of the Corsair Vengeance that I have.

Everything works great, especially Escape From Tarkov.

HOWEVER; In ANY steam game, they're literally full on unplayable.

What do and do I just go buy B die ram and hope it fixes it? '); }
Date: Sep 24, 2017   

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