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Ryzen Max Precision Boost is working on a Applications not on your Games ;)

This is Ryzen fiasco to i3 the truth.

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Ryzen 1700 all core turbo to 3.2Ghz, dual core Turbo to 3.75Ghz max (50MHz XFR)

PS: Maximum frequency = Max Precision Boost (Max Turbo Core Speed)

The "maximum frequency" of Ryzen can be honored?

Winrar or 7-zip with 1 to 2 threads compressed file can really run out (Taskmgr may need to check CPU0 ~ CPU2). Not only can see, but can not use the frequency.

Although the "maximum frequency" is not a lie, but ...

Game is not feasible, may not have a legacy 3D games of can run the maximum frequency, you just casually find some old single-threaded DX9 3D games run, for example ... WoT? (Even without any reviewer "found" this problem?)

PS: Single-threaded 3D games on WDDM = Game thread + display driver user mode communication thread(kernel time usage) = 2 threads CPU useage

The question now

Do not know AMD's SenseMI in hinder CPU4 ~ 15 into CC6, or MS's problem.

Even if the park out CPU4 ~ 15 after playing the game, the frequency still can not work in the Max Precision Boost, suspected to be idle core did not enter the CC6

Of course, the game certainly someone will say what the video card driver forced multi-threaded, the workload(kernel time usage) ran to run the entity CPU more than two cores.

I play video instead of game ("Kernel time usage" compared to the game much less)

The picture is a 4K 10bit test video of the soft decoding, CPU affinity only check CPU0 ~ CPU1, I changed the power plan park off CPU4-CPU15(core parking), you can see the so-called maximum frequency is not used.

Ryzen's "dual-core acceleration" can not on the maximum frequency ah, is the CPU usage problem? But if we will test the program in exchange for 7-zip

Visible in the figure.

Such as 7-zip such as the calculation of the program even if the four threads run over the two cores , acceleration can still reach the maximum frequency (Max Precision Boost)

Is it a good thing to do after SenseMI code analysis? Or is MS not doing for Ryzen?

The maximum frequency of work (7-zip), sometimes do not work (game), use limited where there can be called Precision Boost?

PS: AMD's predecessor bulldozer series did not have this problem

Now can only do ... ... (feel the maximum frequency he returned)

PS: "bcdedit /set {current} numproc 4" be equal to 2C4T = "CPU0~3 active, CPU4~7 force Core C6" (conditions reach of Max Precision Boost)

Is this AMD hope?

Do not talk about the game mode, the game mode will always tile the workload to each CPU, and "Max Precision Boost/Max Turbo" role of the concept of different (only two entities can be active in the CPU, and other idle CPU need to be CC6 out)


Ryzen self-bound with all core turbo fight high-frequency i3 of course lose a lot?

mssages to moderators?

AMD Forum don't delete my post, This content is OK

'); }
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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