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CLC AIO Cooling


I'm posting this here as I was asking about the AMD 9590 - I suppose it is applicable to any platform Intel or AMD but 9590 is decidedly AMD and when I get the letters mixed up on the QWERTY keyboard I spell it MAD 9590 then I have to correct it but this time it stays because every thing I've learned about the 9590 is MAD - OK

There is a lot of lingo used here on the forum and abbreviations used inter-changeably by the power users who just know their stuff and it all runs off the tongue and an entire conversation takes place with just abbreviative letters - or that's how it can seem.

CLC - Is this "cheap liquid cooler" or closed loop cooler?

AIO is an all in one for liquid cooling such as Corsair H100i or Cooler Master Master Liquid Pro 280mm

Then there are CLC's - cheap liquid coolers.

Are CLC's the same as AIO's?

I've installed a Phanteks PH-TC14-PE which is a good air cooler - I've got a Coolermaster Nepton 140 XL which is a good-ish AIO but will not be used on 9590.

Any how back to the differences between CLC's and AIO's - It's time to learn a bit more of what the power users know all too well - '); }
Date: Feb 17, 2017   

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