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Making disk images of APFor sale: drives possible?

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For years I've been deploying Macs by using Disk Utility to image the boot drive from a .dmg file. Aside from having to make a new image every time new hardware comes out it's a very convenient system.

I've run into a problem though. Upon building my first 10.13 system for imaging I found that Disk Utility can't make a disk image from an APFS volume. You don't seem to be able to Restore to another physical disk from APFS either.

Maybe my Google-fu is getting weak but the only think I can find anyone talking about with Disk Utility and APFS is the encryption bug. Has anyone else tried making an image of an APFS formatted Mac? Am I missing something?


(P.S. Yes, I'm using the 10.13 version of Disk Utility, not an older version.)
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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