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Help Troubleshooting Office Network Traffic

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Ima no expert in networking, tot maybe this is the place to seek enlightenment.

There are 3 PCs on my company's network that is generating 30% of the entire office's traffic. My company has about 100+ PCs, mostly blocked from web content.

PC1: 44,023,823 packets | 62.2GB

PC2: 38,954,530 packets | 48.8GB

PC3: 33,246,492 packets | 37.3GB

Are these normal at all? They are all HTTP-ALT port 8080 traffic.

Outbound Traffic outnumbered inbound by 34Mbps:1.63Mbps

Even during ghost hours like 1-4am there are still traffic generated.

And the firewall is showing the below which I assumed are malware/virus footprint.

- OS-WINDOWS Microsoft Windows SMB anonymous session IPC share access attempt

- FILE-OTHER Microsoft Windows ATMFD font driver malformed OTF file out-of-bounds memory access attempt

- PROTOCOL-DNS DNS query amplification attempt

Any help will be much appreciated.

Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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