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DVR IT with Shobot on TitanTV?!?

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I have a Hauppauge PVR-1212 connected to a Win7 laptop and I use WinTV / TitanTV to schedule recordings from my FiOS STB.

Tonight, on both the Win7 laptop in the living room and the Win7 desktop in the den, there are now 's in many shows . There's also a new Shobot checkbox in the Filters section at the top.

GOOGLE: "DVR IT with Shobot TitanTV" doesn't bring up anything useful ('DVR IT with Shobot' appears on the laptop when you hover over the icon; not on the desktop).

Microsoft Security Essentials shows that my PCs don't have a virus.

At Shobot.TV, their Terms of Service is dated August 14, 2013 but why did these little icons just appear tonight?

Anyone familiar with this site, Shobot.TV?

Anyone else use TitanTV?

Thanks in advance.
Date: Jan 19, 2014   

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