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Using a tablet as Tidal remote controller?

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This is what I experienced at a local dealer when auditioning speakers. I thought it was pretty cool and wonder if I can do this myself at home.

In a demo room, I was given an iPad that acted like a fully functional remote controller. I could sit in my listening position and search/play tracks, create playlist, see play history, etc on the iPad, and music would play on the stereo system that I was demoing. It was really neat.

At home, I suppose I could connect my laptop to my full-blown stereo system's DAC. But I'd have to walk to the laptop to do my things and then sit back and listen, which is not very convenient. Or, I could have an extended USB cable to connect my laptop and DAC, and use laptop in my listening position, which doesn't look very nice.

So is there a way to use a tablet to fully control Tidal? If not, I guess the last resort is to use APTX Bluetooth.
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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