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Can't get computer connected to internet

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I bought a new motherboard, processor, and everything, blahblah. I got an ethernet cable running from my desktop to the router. The router is connected into the modem, and the router has two computers plugged into it, mine, and my sister's. Both desktops. One has internet, always has, but this new one that is mine, can't seem to get it to work. I check Device Manager and it's got yellow ! marks on what I assume to be the software or something needed to somehow get my computer to get internet. I couldn't do it tho, it wouldn't let me. It has an ingenuine version of Windows 7 Home Premium thanks to my idiot brother. But I'm wondering if there's like...router software or something i have to put on my new computer to get it to work with the router? It's a Linksys router and ahs worked before, it's working right now as I type this out on my sis's computer that has internet being plugged into the router. The cable is brand new too. Just need a little help on this.
Date: May 4, 2013   

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