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Hey Guys,

With the recent Black Friday deals I've purchased a few Google Home Mini's and because of a deal with British gas have got a home hive hub and some bulbs.

This has led me to start looking into doing home automation which has made me realise just how poor my home wifi is (virgin home hub 3)

After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that setting up a wireless mesh is likely to be the best way to go (we live in an old victorian terrace so a single wifi access point is going to struggle)

I've been looking at a few options like the google wifi home and the Netgear Orbi but was wondering if anyone has any experience of setting one up or can suggest some to look at.

Price wise I don't mind spending a few hundred if the solution is going to be worth it. I'm not saying money is no object but I will pay a bit extra if there is value in doing so
Date: Dec 7, 2017   

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