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Wake On Lan - Windows 10

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I have been having some trouble recently with WOL and Windows 10. The new machines from the last couple of years seem fine and will wake from off, sleep etc and also pattern match is also working well.

Depending on the machine I am getting different issues. Some will wake from off or sleep no problem but pattern match doesnt seem to be working. Others wouldnt WOL at all.

Note that all of the settings were set correctly as in BIOS is set for WOL and in the driver. I also tried different combo's just to be sure. The network lights are blinking as they should when the machines are off.

The current one I am looking at is a Dell Optiplex 960 and I am using the built in Intel 82567LM-3

This one initially would not wake up from off or sleep and pattern match wasnt working. I then found that it would wake up if I shut it down using shutdown /s /t 0

I had read earlier that Fastboot was the issue but the option wasnt showing. I re-enabled hibernation and I was then able to access that option and removed it. It would appear that disabling hibernation doesnt fully undo Fastboot as I had read.

Anyway once that was off I could then shutdown the usual way and it will WOL. YAY.... however,

It still doesnt wake up if it is asleep. I also disabled hyrbid sleep in the power saving options as well but that didnt work.

I have tried an older BIOS version I have tried different drivers, although I need to try some combos again after turning fastboot off.

Okay, so has anyone else had similar problems and figured it out and clues may help. Personally I think it must be something to do with sleep states and how Windows 10 uses them. I have also had problems with new machines using the ASUS H110I-PLUS where pattern match didnt work.
Date: Oct 11, 2017   

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