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Rx480 Red Devil White/Black/Green/Red Screen

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First time poster, long time lurker.

I recently built a new computer consisting of the parts below. All drivers up to date, Mobo bios, Win10, Gpu etc. the problem im having is when I open a game, the minute I get past any loading screen the game my have it crashes. sometimes it crashes right at the start. Does it for both windowed and full screen. I've done the Wattman undervolting, rolled back to previous drivers. But I'm not getting anywhere. If I'm just surfing the web, everything is fine. There's no OC on the GPU or CPU (just got it yesterday). Anyone have a issue similar to this that can help me. I'm currently at work so I can provide any images. And all temps were fine. GPU never went higher then 54c and CPU stayed low 40s.

OS: Win10

CPU: 6600k i5 w/ H100i Cooler

Mobo: Asus H110

GPU: RX480 Red Devil

Power Supply: Thermal Take 600w (can't remember the specifics)

Ram: 16gigs 2400 Corsair Dominator

Date: Feb 17, 2017   

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