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"Are Quad-core CPUs dead in 2017?"

CPUs and Overclocking - AnandTech Forums -
Interesting video. He recommends a Ryzen 5 1600 (and OC using stock cooler), over a i5-7600K, purely due to value, but then comments closer to the end that if the Ryzen 5 1400 and Intel i5-7600K were around the same price, he would choose the i5-7600K over it, even though it is only a 4C/4T, and the 1400 is a 4C/8T.

He mentions StarCraft (2?) gaming early on, something that AMD CPUs have always traditionally lagged a bit on, so I wonder if he was making his recommendations on that.

Certainly, with BF1 64 MP, or WD2, a Ryzen 5 1600 or better would be preferable to a 4C/4T Intel CPU. (My personal opinion.)

Edit: Also, can you watch THIS video, on your PC, @ 4K60? (Requires decoder hardware, and 4K UHD display.)

My G4600 in my DeskMini CAN, but my A8-9600 @ 3.9Ghz seemingly CANNOT, but it's not maxed at 100% CPU usage either, more like 67%.

I looked around in about:config, but I'm running Firefox Nightly 58a1, so most of the stuff was already enabled. Not sure if this is an AMD driver limitation, or what.

Codec is VP9, 3840x2160@60. Have gigabit internet, that shouldn't be the issue.

Date: Sep 24, 2017   

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