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Max RAM speed with Ryzen without entering overclock mode?

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Definitely a noob question.

What RAM speed can you get with Ryzen without entering overclock mode? Suppose you have 3200MHz/CL16 -rated RAM (single-rank, 2 DIMMS). Is anything above 2133 MHz going to involve being in overclock mode, thus disabling Precision Boost and XFR?

Or is 2667 MHz (the AMD official max supported speed) the limit above which you need to be in overclock mode?

Or can you always toggle between 2133 and your memory's rated speed (just those two speeds) without entering overclock mode?

(I don't plan to overclock my CPU, so don't want to be in overclock mode just for RAM if it means losing Precision Boost and XFR. And if I'm not going to be in overclock mode, I'm wondering if I should buy faster RAM like 3200MHz/CL16 or if that extra RAM speed would never be used.)

Many thanks -- definitely appreciate it.

Date: Apr 5, 2017   

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