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Using 2007 iMac as second display to 2013 iMac

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Hi all,

I have just got a new 2013 iMac 27-inch running Mavericks to replace my 2007 24-inch iMac running Lion. The old 2007 iMac has a broken superdrive and anyway I thought it time to upgrade.....

I would like to try to run the old iMac as a second monitor to the new machine. However, the old machine only has a mini DVI port as opposed to a Mini DisplayPort.

Is there any way that I can make a hard wire connection? I am not able to use a VPN solution because my internet service provider does not permit internet sharing.....

In addition, is the Mini DVI port on the old 2007 iMac only an output port or is it other words, even if there is a cable or combination of cables which will allow video from the new 2013 iMac Thunderbolt port to the old 2007 Mini DVI port (please advise....), would I still be wasting my time because the 2007 Mini DVI port is output only as opposed to input?

I am trying to save on buying a Thunderbolt monitor as a second screen.....

Any help...much obliged, before I spend another bunch of money......
Date: Jan 4, 2014   

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