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Just bought a 1TB SSD: Questions

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I heard its agronomic if your HDD is 1tb, its better sense to get a 1tb SSD so I did just that today. not sure if it is worth the money so i am here to ask cos if it's not worth that big buck I'll exchange it for a smaller SSD 256 perhaps? But someone tell me in the simplest term about SSD. So i ran the disk speed from the APP STORE. here is a picture. Someone tell me why it reads 200 and 286...whereas i've seen other peoples macbook pro run up to 500s'Here's more specs about my laptop. So someone please understand that i know not a lot about SSD..I know and heard that 2009 macbook pro can only go up to 8GB memory but I kinda wanna try to do 16GB? is it safe or do'able? Let me know in all my questions lol.


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Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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