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USA/ Canada Macbook Pro Pricing question

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Hi fellow MacRumors,

Just to let you know this is not a complaining thread about price differences between USA and Canada. I know the Apple US price is not including tax and I assume it would be the same for Apple Canada listing, so:

- Question 1: How much of a difference for a base 15 inch 256gb model? Apple US quote 2400$ and Apple Canada quote 3200$ assuming we are shipping to New York and Toronto?

- Question 2: What kind of places/ reseller/ sale event in Toronto Canada that I can get said model with the lowest price?

- Question 3: How can one tell if a listing is in CAD or USD? I find it quite confusing when Apple, BestBuy and whole lot of other website just put a listing with a simple $ sign, not just on Apple products but on other thing like tuition fees, rent, etc.. as well. I mean for Macbook, which I have a rough idea of how the price should be, I can just look for "ca" in the address and kind of assuming the price is in CAD. But for other thing which I don't know how the price should be, it's really confusing.

Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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