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Just picked up my new 2017 TouchBar MBP

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I found a good deal on a 2017 15" MBP with TouchBar and Radeon Pro 560. Got it for $2350 to my door with 512GB SSD as well. I honestly just wanted a nice machine I can keep that does most of what I want. I don't really game much but I do here and there. I just like fun ones like Kerbal Space Program or something with a good story mode that's a little older.

Anyway is there a way I can boost performance of the Radeon Pro 560? I haven't installed windows 10 in bootcamp yet but I do have a licensed copy that I can use. I'd like to try and stay in OS X but if I need to I can jump in windows 10 and mess around. Are there optimized drivers or things like that?


Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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