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Currently use a chromebook acer c720, looking at macbook

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Alright, I have a laptop I bought 4 years ago, Lenovo Y500, but I have never used it more than a dozen times. Thing is huge, hot and I just hate dealing with the laptop in general. I only use it when I need a program that my chromebook cant use. (which is like once a year).

I use my chromebook 99.999% of the time, long battery life and I browse the web all day everyday. The chromebook still worsk great but I am looking an reason to get rid of the large lenovo and maybe replace this chromebook and use this as a travel laptop which ive done for years.

My current chromebook is 11.6inches, the macbook is 12 inches and 13 inches right? I know they cost like a grand, I am very interested getting it for everyday type use. Question, if I did actually download a game can a macbook run it? not talking high intesnive game just a medicore video game. I am not sure if the 2017 macbooks have a decent graphics card or not for medium task. My lenovo has a Gt650m GPU which is old, wouldnt surprise me if the macbook does better at games that it does.

oh. Is there any rumors at all about wireless charging pad? I would totally wait for one if so. I keep it literally 1 foot away from me on my bed so just lifting and setting it there would be ideal. I also would prefer a fanless, are both 12/13 models fanless? if you had to pick which one would you grab

Pros cons 12 vs 13 inch versions?. Is it edge to edge? or is there a large bezel around it. How would you compare Macbook surfing vs chromebook surfing? My chromebook seems pretty seamless and very fast and efficient. Last question, best time to buy these things? What price or deal should I be looking for? I dont know their sale scheme.

Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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