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Organising photos on the HDD?

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Hi all.

I'm about to replace my PC with an iMac and I'm going to take all of my photos off the pc's hard drive and put them on to one 4tb external drive which I will access from my iMac and MacBook.

Currently I have about 4 different drives all with different photos on them. I'd like to amalgamate these onto the 4tb drive too. Before I start though, I'd like some advise on the best way to structure the folders? Shall I separate my paid work into a different folder to my personal stuff and then just go by date? Or just keep it all in one big folder structure?

I use Lightroom so I access my photos through here normally. Should I export finished photos to the Apple photos app or export them as a backup, or not bother exporting at all?

I'm interested to hear how you all manage these tasks?



Date: Mar 30, 2017   

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